Atlar provides a Testbank that can be used to simulate a real bank. The Atlar Testbank can have different fake BICs that start with ATLR, such as ATLRSESSXXX or ATLRGB2LXXX. It's possible to create transactions on the underlying Atlar Testbank accounts. Transactions created in the Testbank are reflected in Atlar once they are fetched — either through the 'Refresh' button in the Dashboard, or through the cronjobs that Atlar triggers hourly.

In order to create a transaction at the Testbank, run the below request (use negative amount values for expenses):

curl -X POST 'https://api.atlar.com/v1/testbank/transactions' \
  -H 'X-Testbank-Authorization: Basic dXNlcjM6cGFzczM=' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
        "accountId": "ACCOUNT_ID",
        "date": "yyyy-mm-dd",
        "amount": {
          "currency": "EUR",
          "value": 1500
        "remittanceInformation": {
          "type": "UNSTRUCTURED",
          "value": "Gift of €15"


There are a few pre-configured users in the Testbank. See table below for details.

UsernamePasswordAuthorization headerFinancial data
user1 pass1Basic dXNlcjE6cGFzczE=Three Swedish SEK accounts, two Danish DKK accounts and a few transactions.
user2 pass2Basic dXNlcjI6cGFzczI=Three German EUR accounts and a few transactions.
user3 pass3Basic dXNlcjM6cGFzczM=One empty Swedish SEK account.
user4 pass4Basic dXNlcjQ6cGFzczQ=One British GBP account and one British USD account and a few transactions.

Special counterparties and identifiers

It's possible to simulate different behaviors using special account identifiers. Initiating a payment to or collection from one of the accounts, will cause these events to occur. See table below for details.

Identifier TypeIdentifier NumberDescription
IBAN DE40500105176499974616Direct debit collections and credit transfers from this account will be returned.